Top 7 Camera App For IPhone 2022: Must Have!!!

  • Snapseed
  • Cymera
  • VSCO
  • Ulike
  • SNOW
  • Foodie
  • Camera 360

If you are a photography enthusiast or have plans and needs for fabulous pictures, or just simply to satisfy your personal hobby, this article is for you. This consists of 7 best photo shoot camera apps for iPhone 2022, with all their details and features, so make sure you finish to the end. Now let’s get started!!!


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- Overall:

Snapseed is a camera app for iPhone 2022 you cannot pass. It is ad-free and you can freely use tools like adding filters, effects, editing to have the photo to your liking.

- Outstanding features of Snapseed: It contains 29 tools and filters, including: Editing, Drawing pen, structure, HDR, Perspective. It can also save your own personal editing style and apply them in the next pictures.

You can also adjust your style with the finesse and accurate controller.

Snapseed info:

  • Publisher: Google LLC.

  • Size on iOS:  Around 100MB.

  • Version: 2.22.0.

  • Compatibility: iOS 10.0 or over

  • Price: Free

  • Download link for iOS: Here



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- Overall:

Cymera is one of the best photo apps in 2021, and it still remains that position as the most preferable camera app for iPhone 2022. Cymera aims at users who just want to improve their picture slightly. With around 100 selfie filters and different camera modes as well as auto editing tools, you can freely design to your own liking. Be free with yourself and your style!!!

Some of the best feature of Cymera include: Beauty camera, diverse filters, silent lenses and silent mode, easily edit your picture.

Cymera Info:


  • Size on iOS:  Around 242MB.

  • Version: 4.3.6.

  • Compatibility: iOS 9.2 or over

  • Price: Free

  • Download link for iOS: Here



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- Overall:

VSCO is quite popular and a favorite app for a lot of iPhone users. This app consists of a simple camera mode, however, its features cannot be ignored. Every mobile photographer will be able to use the RAW camera mode, and the users can even adjust the ISO, brightness and white balance manually.

- Some outstanding features of VSCO: free picture editing, advance editing tools, video editing, tell video stories and create emotional picture.

- VSCO Info:

Publisher: VSCO.

  • Size on iOS:  Around 155 MB.

  • Version: 256.

  • Compatibility: iOS 12 or over

  • Price: Free

  • Download link for iOS: Here


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- Overall:

Ulike is favored by users because of its unique, diverse and multi-function filter, which helps users to create gorgeous and stunning pictures. There is a reason why Ulike is still in the Top 7 camera app for iPhone 2022 that you must have.

- Great things about Ulike: Facial editing, many stunning filters, effect diversity and colored filters, suit perfectly for everyone, virtual makeup, full effects video clip.

- Ulike Info:

  • Publisher: Bytedance Pte. Ltd.

  • Size on iOS:  Around 158 MB.

  • Version: 4.0.0.

  •  Compatibility: iOS 10.0 or over

  •  Price: Free

  • Download link for iOS: Here



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- Overall: 

SNOW is a unique photo shoot app. With many stunning as well as funny stickers, and owning hundreds of exclusive seasonal colored filters, combine with smooth and shiny skin maker, SNOW has become one of the most favorite camera app for iPhone 2022 and of all time.

- Outstanding features of SNOW: powerful photo editing tools, thousands of stickers, updated every day, exclusive seasonal filters, easily editing videos, virtual makeup.

- SNOW Info:

  • Publisher: SNOW inc.

  • Size on iOS:  Around 125 MB.

  • Version: 11.0.8.

  • Compatibility: iOS 9.3 or over.

  • Price: Free

  • Download link for iOS: Here



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- Overall:

If you are a foodie, this is an app that you must have. MUST!!! Specialized for taking food pictures, Foodie can make your dishes become even more delicious and appetizing. Moreover, you can also take lively selfies with this app.  Hit two birds with one stone.

- Outstanding features: 30 professional, top quality color filters, clever instructing feature, filters specialized for short clips, timer, silent camera, powerful photo editing, sharing instantly on Facebook or Instagram.

- Foodie Info:

  • Publisher: SNOW inc.

  • Size on iOS:  Around 120 MB.

  • Version: 3.8.30.

  • Compatibility: iOS 10.0 or over.

  • Price: Free

  • Download link for iOS: Here


Camera 360

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- Overall:

This is probably the most famous camera app for iPhone 2022 in the world. Known for its powerful photo editing, as well as smoothen skin when taking selfies as well as integrated makeup tone will make you look even more stunning.

- Great features of Camera 360: Portrait editing, diverse sets of color filters, quality camera, virtual makeup, sticker adding, taking short videos infused with music.

- Camera 360 Info:

  • Publisher: PinGuo Inc.

  • Size on iOS: Around 300 MB.

  • Version: 3.0.2.

  • Compatibility: iOS 10.0 or over.

  • Price: Free

  • Download link for iOS: Here

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