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Being a business owner or marketer, a person must have data about the sites competing with his company. It is not easy to find websites with similar content if we don't know the direction. We try to do this because we want to do an in-depth analysis of something. It is much faster because we can evaluate competitors' work, content, channels, and traffic sources. There are different ways of searching sites of the same owner. Sometimes sites use similar keywords to attract someone else's audience. It is quite easy to find similar websites and then makes their lists having similar content and visitors if we have the right way to do this. 

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Finding websites with Similar content

It can be done with the help of algorithms. Alexa has made a tool that uses algorithms, to find sites with similar data and visitors with overlapping keywords. This tool is called the Audience overlap tool. It develops lists of industries. Online competitors are identified and analyzed. It helps us in making lists of target sites.

Steps to find similar websites

First of all, we need to use a tool like discussed above. If we are using a website traffic checker, write the domain name in the tool. Check the SERP tool for this purpose. Choosing the proper keywords of the domain for our business is another important thing so that we will be able to check all the websites at the top of SERP which are ranked by those keywords. Moreover, related operators and similar site extensions are used on google.

There is another tab named Site Explorer from Ahrefs. It also shows websites having the same keywords and here websites are ranked in organic search results.


Sitechecker is having two tools. The First one is Similar Websites and the second one is Website Traffic. By site checker, users can find similar sites in a couple of seconds.

On the Similar Website, we can search for even 20 websites having the same audience as ours just by typing the site address in the field. Website Traffic checker is an extended version of the former discussed type. Besides searching for simar sites, WTC can provide other data also which includes, the distribution of traffic by channels and countries including social network visits and referral traffic. 

It also tells about the traffic volume the site is having for the past six months which is an incredible feature. We can make our conclusions about competitive sites after analyzing similar sites with WTC. Even if twenty websites are not enough we can still go to 400 sites by inspecting the URL we got on this tool. It is for sure that URLs can overlap, if it happens we can still find at least 50 similar websites.

15 years ago, similar sites were searched by the same method of using keywords, and still, it is a more efficient method having accuracy. Methods are the same but the difference is that they are evolved to a great extent giving amazing results by the use of SERP. Along with a lot of merits, it contains some demerits also requiring a lot of manual labor. Displaying 100 results at a time can distort us and waste our time so to avoid this we will have to stop timely.

Another method of searching for similar sites is by using the related operator. Although it is becoming complex and is adding complications every year if it is used with a specific case, it can do wonders by giving astonishing perfect results which can interest us more than any other tool.

Ahrefs' Site Explorer

Firstly let's talk about its paid nature. It has no free trial. It is paid and gives only a seven days trial which also costs 7$. The best thing about this tool is that it is comprehensible of all. Its results are matchable to target and competitor's websites. It gives results having likeness more than other tools.

Moreover, there is another technique also which is called Buitwith. Using this tool, we can get some sites with the same owner. Going through the relationship profile, we can have a website containing similar analytic tools. Using the same code can be easy to use though it can show the data that we would like to tuck away from our competitors.


Using above mentioned sites we can easily search for all the similar and competitor sites without wasting our time and it is done with the help of keywords. These tools can help us find similar sites from 5 to about 50. It depends on our nature and diversity of search whether we are doing an in-depth search or not and how many tools are suitable to use. If results overlap, these tools need much expertise to choose and what not to choose and what to not.

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  • Finding websites with Similar content
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