The First Reviews Of IPhone SE 2022

  • The screen doesn't match the performance
  • Battery life is better
  • One camera but still takes portraits
  • Conclusion

After a week of launch, international news sites have shared detailed reviews of iPhone SE 2022, Apple's low-cost smartphone model with traditional design, powerful processor, and 5G network.

Although not as prominent as high-end models, the iPhone SE 2022 still serves a number of customers with certain needs, not focusing on the screen or design. Let's evaluate this small iPhone from Apple.

The screen doesn't match the performance

iPhone SE 2022 has the same appearance as the previous generation with 2 glass sides, a rounded aluminum frame. Below the screen is the pressure-sensitive Home button, integrated with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The device's 2 glass is the "hardest in the smartphone world" similar to the back of the iPhone 13.

In terms of hardware, the iPhone SE 2022 is equipped with Apple's latest A15 Bionic processor chip, similar to the chip on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which costs more than twice as much. According to a review from The Verge, the device's application opening speed is very fast, and games like Genshin Impact also work smoothly.

When using Geekbench 5 scoring software, iPhone SE 2022 reached 1,727 single-core points and 4,680 multi-core points, higher than 1,330 single-core and 2,434 multi-core points on the previous generation.

Meanwhile, the Pixel 5a's Snapdragon 765G chip has a single-core score of 569, a multi-core score of 1,595. Many tests show that the A15 Bionic is even faster than the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. In short, users can experience the performance of $1,000 smartphones on Apple's low-cost iPhone.

Despite its superior power, the experience of using the iPhone SE 2022 is limited by the screen being too small, only 4.7 inches in size, with a resolution of 1,334 x 750 pixels. The device uses an LCD panel, the brightness is just enough for outdoor viewing, although not as bright as iPhone models using OLED panels.

The A15 processor chip can play the heaviest games today, but the experience is greatly reduced on the 4.7-inch screen size. Common tasks such as scrolling photos, watching videos are also not comfortable, especially when used in a horizontal position.

Facebook or Instagram applications display quite cramped, while many modern websites are no longer well optimized for the 4.7-inch screen, 16: 9 aspect ratio. The CNN site says that the 60 Hz refresh rate is also a minus point if the user has experienced a 120 Hz screen.

Battery life is better

"Apple's iPhone SE is an unusually low-cost phone... While others try to bring many flagship features to low-cost devices but cut the processor chip, Apple does it in the opposite direction.", commented author Stan Schroeder from Mashable .

Another "ancient" feature is the standard iPhone SE 2022 with 64 GB of internal memory. The above number is only suitable if you download the basic app, don't take a lot of photos, and take advantage of cloud storage services. If there is a higher demand, users need to pay an additional 50 USD to buy the 128 GB version.

The battery life of the iPhone SE 2022 has been better. This year, Apple promises to increase the usage time of the device by 2 hours thanks to its large battery capacity and more energy-efficient processor chip. With a smartphone model that is not aimed at battery-consuming tasks such as watching movies or playing games, most users can safely use the device for a day before charging.

One camera but still takes portraits

Similar to the previous generation, iPhone SE 2022 is equipped with a rear camera with 12 MP resolution, f / 1.8 aperture, supports optical image stabilization (OIS). The front of the device has a 7MP camera with an f/2.2 aperture. In fact, those are the two sensors used in 2020.

The A15 Bionic processor chip brings a number of software-based improvements such as Smart HDR 4, Deep Fusion algorithm to improve details when shooting with medium light, color filter before shooting (Photographic Styles), speed Fast focus, and portrait mode even without a telephoto camera.

iPhone SE 2022 supports 4K video recording at 60 fps, which can improve quality in low light conditions. Filming has always been an iPhone's strength, so the video quality of the iPhone SE 2022 is quite good compared to many competitors in the same price range.

In short, for the target audience of the iPhone SE 2022, the lack of an ultra-wide-angle or telephoto camera is not a big minus, especially when the image quality in standard conditions is still quite good.


After 2 years with many breakthroughs in smartphone design, iPhone SE 2022 still retains its old appearance, is even more expensive, and leaves the charger in the box. However, that does not mean the device is not worth buying. If you have a simple need, don't mind the screen size in the long run, just need to make calls, text messages, and surf the Internet in a day, iPhone SE 2022 is worth owning.


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  • The screen doesn't match the performance
  • Battery life is better
  • One camera but still takes portraits
  • Conclusion