Iphone 11 Review: One Of The Best IPhone Ever Still After 2-year Release

  • 1. Unparalleled performance. It’s iPhone!!!
  • 2. Distinguish, stylish and dynamic design
  • 3. Superior battery life
  • 4. What about its camera?
  • 5. Review iPhone 11 specification Great deal for great quality
  • 6. FAQs
  • 7. Conclusion

It’s been 2 years since the first release of iPhone 11. Throughout this time, the world has witnessed the birth of iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and now we are all expecting the iPhone 14 release. But for some reason, iPhone 11 is still able to remain as one of the most favorite smartphones of all time. How come? This iPhone 11 review article will give you a closer look. Let’s get started!!!

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1. Unparalleled performance. It’s iPhone!!!

Like all other Apple products, iPhone 11 is equipped with extremely powerful configuration, including:

  • CPU: A13 Bionic, quite old but not obsolete.
  • RAM: 4 GB, enough handle any tasks, from playing games to multi-tasking.
  • ROM: 64 GB.
  • Operating system: iOS 15.2.

If there is one thing to say about Apple, that would be their optimization. Every iPhone user has to agree on this. The smooth user experience in long terms is what separates iPhone from all other Android products.

An iphone 11 review has been carried out by our team of experts as well as gamers around the world. Status show that the ability to process Mobile Games of this phone is off the charts. With the powerful CPU A13, iPhone 11 can easily handle some of the most popular games like “Arena of Valor”, “LOL: Wild Rift” or “Call of Duty Mobile” with stable frame around 60 FPS and absolutely no lagging.

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Not just provide a stable FPS, iPhone 11 would also be able to process pictures at the highest quality. Many iPhone 11 reviews have pointed out that is could handle all currently favorite games at max setting, guarantee to have the best gaming experience.

However, one downside of iPhone 11 is that like every other iPhone, it might become scorching hot if you play games for a long time, and quickly drain out your battery. So please note this in mind if you are about to do it.

2. Distinguish, stylish and dynamic design

At the time when it was released, there were controversial views about the camera design on this smartphone, some iPhone 11 reviews say that it looks a bit rough and not as classy as its predecessors. For me to say, it’s more of a distinguished touch to this phone that does not like any others.

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If you don’t take the camera design into account, there are a lot more to consider when it comes to iPhone 11. The metal frame and glass back allow you to have a firm grip. It also brings a luxurious yet so familiar feeling like the previous iPhone 6S or 7 plus.

iPhone 11 is equipped with 6.1 inches rabbit-ear screen, using the IPS LCD panel with 1792 x 828 pixels resolution as well as the “True Tone” technology, iPhone 11 is able to give out a sharp and excellent outdoor display.

3. Superior battery life

iPhone 11 is equipped with the 3110mAh battery, one of the largest battery sizes, only after the iPhone 13 (with 3240mAh battery), which allows it to have incredible endurance. Many iPhone 11 reviews have stated that it is the best iPhone Apple has ever created. They can surf the web over 4G for hours and hours without worrying that their phone will die.

We have also carried out some experiments to prove this statement, by using iPhone 11 with many tasks until its battery is drained out, like playing games, watching Youtube, surfing Facebook, Instagram,…. And the result was astonishing, iPhone 11 lasted for more than 7 hours of non-stop gaming and web surfing.

By comparison, iPhone 13’s battery is slightly better. However, many iPhone 11 reviews have said that it is still worthwhile with a much cheaper price and still has almost similar quality battery.

4. What about its camera?

Overall, there is nothing to complain about iPhone’s camera quality. iPhone 11 has two 12 MP rear camera, allow it to capture every moment with true colors, incredible details and great lighting, all of which are the features that all iPhone possess, not just iPhone 11.

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One upgrade feature that our iPhone 11 review team has noticed is the wide camera sensor with 100% focus pixels, which is really helpful when you need to take pictures in a little to no light environment. And the night mode would also activate automatically, allows you to snap at any time.

iPhone 11 would also offer wide angle (0.5x) and zoom 2x to 5x, which is really helpful if you want to take close-up pics.

5. Review iPhone 11 specification: Great deal for great quality

Here is a basic specs of iPhone 11 and iPhone 13:


iPhone 13

iPhone 11


146.7 x 71.5 x 7.65mm

150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm


OLED 6.1", 1170 x 2532 Pixels, 60Hz frequencies

IPS LCD 6.1", 828 x 1792 Pixels, 60Hz frequencies


Bionic A15

Bionic A13





128GB, 256GB, 512GB

64GB, 128GB, 256GB


Rear camera: 2 12 MP cameras

Front Camera: 12 MP

Rear camera: 2 12 MP cameras

Front Camera: 1 12 MP


3240 mAh

3110 mAh

Overall, you can already tell that the iPhone 13 is slightly better than iPhone 11. However, notice in mind that iPhone 11 is much cheaper, and 2 years older than the iPhone 13, yet many positive iPhone 11 reviews are still been stating over the years.

The Bionic A13 is the most powerful processor at the time that it was released, and still in the top 5 most powerful processors so far. So to my opinion, if you are on a budget and still want a near iPhone 13’s performance, iPhone 11 is the perfect one for you. Make sure to visit our coupon page to get yourself a great iPhone 11 discount codes.


6. FAQs

Is Apple iPhone 11 waterproof?

Yes, but water resistance is not a permanent condition and may decrease over time, avoid using the Apple iPhone 11 in saunas, steam baths, drop it or receive blows, expose it to soap or shampoo, expose it to perfumes, solvents, detergents, acids, creams and in general any type of liquid other than fresh water and extreme temperatures.

What data is deleted when performing a hard reset?

All the applications that have been installed will be deleted (applications that are pre-installed in the terminal will not be deleted), any configuration or customization of the terminal will be deleted. As well as all chat conversations, messages, photos, videos, audios and files that were downloaded while using your Apple iPhone 11.

Your Apple will be unlinked from all social media accounts and services.

What should I do before doing a hard reset to an Apple iPhone 11?

First of all, we recommend that you make a backup copy of all your Apple iPhone 11 data either through a computer or the simplest method by backing up the cloud through a Google Drive, Microsoft One, Apple iCloud, Dropbox or Amazon Drive account.

Secondly, make sure that your Apple has at least 800attery power and if possible, keep it connected to the charger and the power while performing the reset tasks.

How to update Apple iPhone 11?

To update your Apple iPhone 11 you must go to Settings, this is the gear icon on the home screen of your Apple, click on “General” and then on “Software update”.

Is it safe to do a hard reset or format?

Doing a format should not involve any risk for your Apple iPhone 11, however you must follow all the steps correctly.

Where can i look for iPhone 11 reviews?

There are many famous review sites that you can visit. One of our recommendation is Trustpilot, Tripadvisor or Yelp. These are all user-friendly sites and you can search “iPhone 11 review” there with honest answers.

7. Conclusion

2 years have gone by but we still have to admit that iPhone 11 is still a great selection for anyone who wants a good quality smartphone with a cheap price. Our iPhone 11 review has proved that there is an uncanny similarity between the 11 and the 13. You will still possess a bright and colorful screen, great quality images, significantly long battery life and wonderful performance iPhone. 

Furthermore, thanks to Apple’s assistance for the next couple of years, you can update your iPhone 11 software to iOS 17 or 18 with ease, and experience new features. In addition, if you want to possess iPhone 11 or iPhone 13 with a good price, check out our website for great iPhone 11 coupon codes.

We are now living in a world where shopping is a part of our daily life, therefore, couponing is a wonderful way to save your expenses. It doesn’t make you cheap, it makes you smart.


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  • 1. Unparalleled performance. It’s iPhone!!!
  • 2. Distinguish, stylish and dynamic design
  • 3. Superior battery life
  • 4. What about its camera?
  • 5. Review iPhone 11 specification Great deal for great quality
  • 6. FAQs
  • 7. Conclusion