Apple Watch Series 6 Review: Cheaper But Faster

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Quick Review

Apple didn't invent blood oxygen monitoring for a smartwatch, as is so often the case. Despite this, the Apple Watch 6's marketing staff claims that it is one of the most important elements of the device.

There aren't many new features to distinguish the Series 6 from the Series 5 simply because there aren't many new features. You can choose a new blue aluminum color, the always-on display is brighter, and the processor is more powerful.

Everyone knows you won't be upgrading your Series 5 any time soon, though. For those who have an older Apple Watch or are just starting out, the Series 6 isn't for them.

In addition, it appears to be an extremely remarkable technology by all accounts. In addition to being waterproof, it features a built-in speaker so you can hear Siri's responses (or use walkie-talkie mode to converse with a friend), Bluetooth for music without an iPhone, numerous health monitoring capabilities, and the ability to store your cards for contactless payment. Moreover, it has the ability to run additional applications.

For those who haven't upgraded to the latest and greatest model of the Apple Watch yet, you may wonder if the year-old device has anything new to offer; if you're considering doing so, you'll be especially interested in finding out.

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You can either love or hate the new Apple Watch Series 6's square design and rounded sides. The 44mm type is somewhat taller and wider than the 40mm model, but the thickness is the same.

When comparing Series 6 to Series 5, the only differences are the band color and the case color. Apple hasn't altered the display's size or resolution, and that's for the best. It sports a 1.57-inch display with 394 x 324 pixels and a 1.73-inch display with 448 x 368 pixels for the 40mm and 44mm Series 6 models respectively.

The wrist feels light and free when you wear the Series 6 at night. It weighs 1.28 ounces without the strap for the 40mm and 1.07 ounces for the 44mm aluminum variants. The heaviest variants are made of stainless steel and titanium, weighing 1.40 ounces and 1.66 ounces, respectively.

Series 6 water resistance extends to a depth of 165 feet.  For less deep water activities like swimming, the gadget is safe to use, according to Apple's specifications. Additionally, you are permitted to put on when taking a shower or bath. Swimming and waterskiing while wearing it.


On September 18, 2020, the Apple Watch 6 was released. It's accessible in blue aluminum, silver, space grey, and gold color options. In addition, there is a red-banded version known as Product RED.

With regards to pricing, you'll pay $399 for the 40mm model and $429 for the 44mm model (which starts at £409/AU$649) for the Apple Watch 6. 

This watch is available in two sizes: 40mm for $499 (£479; $529) and 44mm for £509 (AU$799).

However, even if you go for the most expensive bands and finishes, the most expensive product will still cost you $1,499 / £1,449 / AU$2,259, but Apple still feels that fashion plays a large role in the attraction of its Watch. 

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If you take a look outside, you'll see that the Apple Watch 6's screen is indeed brighter than the Apple Watch 5. There is less of a difference when the sun is directly overhead. The Apple Watch 6's screen, on the other hand, appeared to be brighter when compared to photographs of the two devices side-by-side.

Main features of display:

• OLED display technology that works well

• Having an always-on display is useful.

• When tracking sleep at night, the light finally fades.


Blood oxygen

This is the first time SpO2 has been used as a sensor. This demonstrates how well your respiratory and circulatory systems are able to oxygenate the blood.

The Series 6 detects saturation of blood oxygen like a pulse oximeter at the doctor's office. Red and infrared lights shine on your wrist's veins and arteries to monitor oxygen levels. Brighter red blood is more concentrated. Physical changes or elevation might affect blood oxygen levels.

The watch measures SpO2 in 15 seconds. The sensor takes background values when you're sleeping or idle.

First-time users are provided tips on how to use the Blood Oxygen monitoring app on the watch. Apple suggests using a snug and comfortable watch band so the watch doesn't sit too low. During the reading, keep the watch still. Armrests are helpful.

A timer and a blue-red color scheme appear when you begin a blood oxygen scan. The oxygen saturation level in your blood will be displayed after 15 seconds. iPhone Health app shows blood oxygen levels.

The watch explains this metric so you can interpret your data. 95-100 percent of the population has blood oxygen.

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Sleep Tracking

You won't have to use a sleep tracking app on your Apple Watch anymore. I've been using Apple Watch sleep tracking for a few weeks now. Setting sleep goals and creating a nightly routine is important, but Fitbit's snooze-monitoring software is more revealing. Achieving a full night's sleep can be a problem for those who enjoy closing their daily activity rings.

As a result of the Apple Watch sleep tracking, you will find that you are getting more restful zzzs at the same time each night.

Fitness Monitoring

Watch face sharing, mobility metrics, and a hand-washing timer are all new features in WatchOS 7 in Apple Watch 6. It helps elderly people keep track of factors like walking speed, stride length, and step asymmetry with mobility metrics. 

Some drawbacks to fitness features are:

• New ways to become in shape.

• A "pro" fitness mode is still missing.

• It is possible for GPS to malfunction somewhat.

Battery life

If we talk about the battery life of the Apple Watch 6, it is rated to have the same 18-hour capacity as the previous three models. On the days that I completed GPS-guided workouts, I was unable to get a full 18 hours of sleep. We had hoped to see some progress in this area, but for the time being, daily modification is all that is required.

The Apple Watch 6 can be fully charged in 90 minutes. Nearly two hours is required to fully charge my Apple Watch 5.


Keeping tabs on your well-being has long been a primary responsibility of our program. As a result, Series 6's SpO2 sensor and countdown timer, which assist in keeping you healthy and fit in the age of COVID-19, build on this foundation and improve your hygiene habits. New improvements include an improved altimeter, a faster CPU, and a brighter, always-on display in Series 6.

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