Apple Watch Series 5 Review: The Best Device You Should Buy

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Year after year, Apple Watch has obtained several new features that are very good. The iPhone 11 series dominated the news for a better part of this year, with almost all the specifications leaky. The 5-appearance Apple Watch Series Headline feature that many people brought was surprising when announced at the same time as Keynote.

Compared to the four series (review), the Apple Watch Series 5 has three essential features: always there, a compass built, and international emergency calls. There are several other good additions such as new processors (and hopefully faster), applications to measure noise around (also available in series 4), and 32GB of in-built storage (opposite 16GB in series 4). 

The Apple Watch Series 5 has the same launching price as the series four which has been stopped, but do these new features function as advertised? Let's find out.

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Design of the Apple Watch Series 5 

There are two variants of size - 40mm and 44mm - and each is available in GPS or GPS + Cellular, as well as several choices of materials, colors, and bodily ribbons. We have a 44mm aluminum series to be reviewed with a sports band. 

It lists Apple Watch Series 5 variants in India at prices. End aluminum and stainless steel are available in India, but not titanium or ceramics. At the time of writing, the Apple watch, which allows you to pair the final results with the official band Apple, is not available in India.

This device uses the same old magnetic charging used by every other Apple Watch. Too many brands continue to design new chariots for every new iteration that can be worn, and we are happy to see Apple choose one charger in its first effort.

Display of Apple Watch Series 5

The prominent feature of the Apple Watch Series 5 is a continuously active display. The watch screen becomes brighter and shows more data when active and dim but still active when inactive. This transition is smooth when using almost all watch faces and looks excellent. 

Unfortunately, if the screen becomes inactive when the application runs, the effect is not excellent. When dim, the screen only shows the time coated with a blur application, as you can see on any digital watch.

After you have an Apple Watch with an always active display, it is difficult to return to the previous model, where the screen dies when the device is inactive. Unfortunately, the appearance of always active harms battery life, and we will discuss it later in this review.

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Apple Watch Series 5 software, application

After using the Apple Watch Series 5 widely, it is increasingly evident that Apple wants its watch to be an independent device that does not depend on the iPhone. The App Store at Watches 6 is one example, but the company still has several ways to go. We want to have the ability to manage Apple Watch without an iPhone or use it without installing a smartphone at all, among others.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is a device that is entirely independent but is still a companion for your iPhone. You can install the application directly using the device, which is good. However, if you want to buy a paid application, you must enter your Apple ID password. 

You want to use your cellphone to enter your password because while you can use the Scribble feature to track one character at once on Apple Watch, it isn't exciting, at least. Maybe too much to expect face ID on Apple Watch now, but who knows what will happen in the future?

Apple Watch Series 5 Performance

Apple Watch may be a smartwatch for iPhone but found a niche with fitness fans. With Watches 6, series five can record more exercises, including some unusual such as gaming fitness (see everything you only dance fans), rolling, play, and mind and body. Each has a valuable icon that illustrates what exercise is like.

Apple Watch Series 5 is still doing good enough work to track our training, including high intensity and running interval training. The heartbeat sensor is also very accurate and relatively fast. The data of the heart rate sensor accurately reflects how we feel during our training, and at first glance, it is enough to confirm that we are close to our maximum heartbeat.

Apple Watch Series 5 can also take EKG reading like the four series, features that have just been activated in India. The watch takes 30 seconds to record the reading and will tell you whether you have a sinus rhythm (regular) or atrium fibrillation. 

This feature works well for us, but it is essential to know that the Apple Watch Series 5 is not a replacement for a doctor's visit. It is intended to offer you a way to check whether everything is as expected so you can share your views with your doctor. It is an outstanding feature for those who need it; even if you don't think you are doing it, it's good.

Returning to the Apple Watch Series 5, we hope Apple will eventually add a default training plan to help people achieve their fitness goals. However, there is no shortage of applications that do this, and you can choose any of you to like.

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Battery Life of Apple Watch Series 5 

We have mentioned the battery life of the Apple Watch Series 5, but here are some detailed statistics to end the performance section of this review. With a permanently activated display but no cellular connection, series 5 lasts more than a day. 

With an active cellular connection, it drops to only 15 hours. With an always active display and cellular connectivity deactivated, series 5 lasts two days and a little less than one and a half days with cellular activated. The battery number for the four series is two days without cellular and around six to eight hours with it. There is an increase in cellular battery life, which is good.

The impact of the display that is always active in the battery life is too significant to be ignored. If you plan to use the five series for several years, there is a possibility you will have to deactivate it permanently as the battery age increases. We hope this can be improved in iterations in the future Apple Watch.


It is the right time to consider who requires the Apple Watch Series 5 above the Apple Watch Series 3 (which starts at the Hospital. 20,900). The best features of the 5-comparable series to the 3-3-series are always active, larger screens, ECG monitoring, more storage, fall detection, compass, and the ability to measure the noise around.

Of these, the screen that is always active and a larger screen is the most valued by most people, while the rest will potentially attract the interest of some buyers but not all. If you can live with a small screen and no need always to exist, the Apple Watch Series 3 remains a perfect smartwatch and is far more affordable now.

If you appreciate the new features, then series five will be instrumental. It is a new top-end model that is very good for the Apple Watch lineup, with the only big complaint minus battery life with a display that is always activated. The exercise tracking accuracy is the best and is still the best smartwatch for the iPhone, thanks to Watches 6 and in-depth integration with iOS 13.


• Excellent display

• Exercise tracking accuracy

• Watches 6 adds valuable features

• EKG is a good addition


• Sub-par battery life with a display is always actively activated

• Expensive

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  • Design of the Apple Watch Series 5 
  • Display of Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch Series 5 software, application
  • Apple Watch Series 5 Performance
  • Battery Life of Apple Watch Series 5 
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