Apple A15 Bionic Review: Will It Be The New King In The CPU Universe?

  • 1. Overall
  • 2. Outstanding features
  • 3. A15 and A14 comparison
  • 4. Conclusion

Released at the same time with iPhone 13 in 2021, A15 drew the attention of every tech-enthusiasts in the world. So, what makes the A15 so special? This A15 Bionic review article will help you answer that question. Let’s begin, shall we?!!

1. Overall

Considered to be the best in the world, A15 Bionic has an extremely powerful performance, better than any other known CPU at the time.

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Apple A15 Bionic is equipped with CPU six 64bit cores (using ARMv8 with 2 high performance cores called Avalance and 4 power saving cores called Blizzara) as well as the GPU 4 core and GPU 5 core, all which are newly released in Apple’s recent products.

The Apple A15 Bionic chip possess the Neural Engine 16 cores, with the capability of reaching 15.8 trillion activities per second, which will boost the Siri and Live Text operation, as well as the AI learning. Some A15 Bionic review said that they can actually feel the realistic of Siri more clearly as well as the improvement of Live Text.

2. Outstanding features

2.1. Powerful performance

Equipped with a 6 cores CPU allows Apple A15 Bionic to have 40% better performance. Combined with 4-5 cores GPU, the A15 can offer an increase of 80% in terms of frame rate compared to its all predecessors.

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A15 can handle everything, from the simplest to the toughest task, from high FPS games to professional, high configuration required applications, used by experts like designers, pilots, doctors, …

Many A15 Bionic review claim that this chip is more powerful than the Exynos 2200, which is the ace in the hole of Samsung, equipped in their high-end flagships. Our research team has done some research and it is proven to be right, the A15 is 13.7% more powerful in terms of performance, compared to the Exynos 2200, and 30% better than other top-tier chips in the world.

2.2. Power saving

Built on the newest 5nm+ process from TSMC, with 4 power saving Blizzard cores, the A15 is able to save about 15% more power compared to its predecessor, the A14, which was released a year ago. However, there are some A15 Bionic review stated that this difference is not significant, and can easily be surpassed by other opponents like MediaTek or Snapdragon within a few months.

2.3. High frame rate

The Apple A15 Bionic chip has the adaptive refreshing rate from 10Hz to 120Hz, combined with the GPU 4-5 cores, offers a more powerful performance, higher frame rate, and reduces the scanning frequencies to retain battery life, increasing the phone’s durability.

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Moreover, the A15 is also equipped with the always-on touch processor, custom designed to work beautifully with the iOS 15. This allows the chip to have super fast touch, image and activity responses.

2.4. Excellent camera support

One distinguished feature of iPhone 13, making it one of a kind among the iPhone empire right now is the cinematic mode. This is contributed mainly by the A15, which has the cutting-edge neural technology, allows easier facial recognition, as well as detect a far away subject.

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Integrated with the Dolby Vision image technology and the 1080p resolution, the A15 Bionic offers an impressive blurred portrait effect. We have take some pictures as an A15 Bionic review, and the result is incredible.

2.5. 5G technology integrated

In recent years, the 5G technology is a new global trend, which has drawn the attention of all smartphone developers, including Apple. Therefore, no surprise that Apple has integrated the 5G tech into the A15 Bionic chip.

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Apple A15 Bionic is hooked up with Snapdragon X60’s modern, which will support maximum speed almost like the X55, but with faster access rate thanks to the improved network carrier synthesis technology. Furthermore, Apple has also improved the power saving feature, which will increase battery’s life.

3. A15 and A14 comparison


A15 Bionic Chip

A14 Bionic Chip


- CPU 6 64bit cores, using ARMv8 with 2 high performance cores called Avalance và 4 power saving cores called Blizzara, give out 40% higher compared to the A14 Bionic.

- GPU 5 - 6 deliver 80% higher graphic performance compared to the A14 Bionic chip.

- CPU 6 64bit cores with 2 high performance cores (Firestorm), 4 power saving cores (Icestorm).

- GPU 4 - 5 powerful cores.

Image processing rate

Super fast image response rate with adaptive refresh rate from 10Hz to 120Hz.

Machine Learning speed to serve the AI increase 10 times faster, improve the image display.

Power saving

Built based on the most modern 5nm+ process with 4 power saving cores Blizzard, delivering 15% more in terms of power saving compared to the A14 Bionic.

A14 Bionic was built based on Apple’s first 5 nm process with 4 power saving cores Icestorm, delivering good performance and power saving.


4. Conclusion

All and all, the A15 Bionic is the best in the world, at the moment I’m writing this A15 Bionic review article. It is better than all of its predecessors in every way possible. However, to compete with other notorious opponents like Qualcomm Snapdragon or MediaTek, Apple will have to try harder if they don’t want to be overpowered by those competitors.

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  • 1. Overall
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  • 3. A15 and A14 comparison
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